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23 January 2018 How to Sell Cyber Security Click to Register>
20 February 2018 Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Click to Register>
20 March 2018 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Phishing Defense Click to Register>

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IM Cyber Security Webinar Descriptions and Recordings

How to Sell Cyber Security

Effectively addressing Cyber Security requires plannied investment across three large areas, namely people, processes and technology. Many organizations approach Cyber Security with a short sighted strategy that inadequately addresses some of these three vital components. As a spcialist provider of Cyber Security solutions, how equipped are you to correctly position solutions to your end-customers?

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How to Detect Ransomware using AlienVault USM

Ransomware is a top security concern for organizations today and is the fastest growing security threat, perceived by 80% of Cyber Security professionals in a recent survey conducted by the Information Security Community on LinkedIn. Malicious actors continue to develop new techniques and strategies to trick victims into downloading and installing the ransomware on their systems, and many IT teams are ill-equipped to respond.

AlienVault USM Anywhere uses several built-in security controls working in unison to detect ransomware and automate actions to mitigate the threat. Join us for a live webcast to learn about ransomware and how to detect these threats quickly, saving you valuable clean up time and limiting potential damage from the attack.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies - Unraveling Their Role in Cybercrime

Blockchain is poised to transform a plethora of industries, ranging from banking and insurance to healthcare and IT. The cybercrime industry is no exception, and has been one of the early adopters of this technology. Cryptocurrencies, one of the most popular by-products of Bloackchain, are a favourite platform of cybercriminals for receiving payments. Primarily owing to the excellent anonymity factors that they afford, cryptocurrencies power a huge number of illicit transactions on the dark web. For example, the famous WannaCry ransomeware attack solicited payments in Bitcoins.

What does this all mean to Cyber Security specialists? How will Blockchain transform the Cyber Security industry? Watch the webinar again using the below link. 

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Combat DDoS Attacks and Uncover Encrypted Attacks with A10 Solutions 

In this webinar, Ingram Micro's senior Cyber Security consultant, accompanied by experts from A10 Network discuss how A10 Thunder TPS and Thunder SSLI can help organizations to fight DDoS attacks effectively. The webinar also discusses how A10 solutions provide visibility to your current security devices and help fight encryption-oriented attacks.

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IM Cyber Security Services and Trainings:

Stay up to date with the activities of the Ingram Micro by understanding the various Assessment Services, Consultancy Services and Cyber Security Trainings we have on offer.

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Future Cyber Security Challenges (GDPR, IOT and Wearables):

The future looks exciting in the world of Cyber Security. New trends in technology bring tremendous opportunities in Cyber Security, and with them, a fair share of challenges.  How prepared are we for the future? Watch this recording, as we find out:

Session 1: GDPR Compliance Simplified

The new European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a game-changer for compliance and protection of personal data. EU GDPR is already in effect and will be enforced by May 25, 2018. If you are doing business with Europe and handle data belonging to an EU resident, EU GDPR applies to you. Join us as we explore how GDPR may impact your business and how you can implement timely and efficient compliance.

Session 2: Security Challenges in Emerging Technologies

The explosion of technology revolutions in recent times has presented a plethora of challenges to Cyber Security professionals. Security by design, rather than security as an after-thought is emphasized now more than ever before. This session will explore look the Cyber Security challenges and opportunities in two emergent technologies – the Internet of Things, and Wearable Devices. 

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Multi-Vendor Architecture and Vendor Trainings

Watch our Senior Consultants talk about the advantages and uses of Multi-Vendor Architecture with the help of a real example using the solutions of multiple vendors. We also talk about the various trainings that IM Cyber Security Vendors have on offer.

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Top Success Metrics of Cyber Security Incident Response

As more and more organizations come to terms with the reality of cyber security attacks investments are being made towards bolstering their incident response capability.  However, several challenges continue to hinder organizations’ ability to respond efficiently to incidents. This greatly aggravates the impact of a breach.

What does it take to build a successful Cyber Security Incident Response Capability? Watch our webinar to learn about the top success metrics of cyber security incident response.

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