Scope of Service

The scope of Public Discovery Testing service is all organization information that is available to public users. This includes but not limited to IP addresses, web address, email addresses, word files, PowerPoint presentation, PDF documents and other information that might be of an interest to hackers.   

Process of Public Discovery Test

The Public Discovery Testing is performed through passive collection of data and is entirely non-intrusive. Scans of any kind are not performed and interactions with organization’s systems are very minimal. This test is usually completed with nothing more than the name of organization. All of the information are gained through Google searches and other open source intelligence tools.


Upon completion of the Public Discovery Testing, a detailed report will be sent to client, including the following:

Executive Summary: Summary of the purpose of this assessment, as well as brief explanation of the threats that the organization is exposed to from a business perspective.

Findings: A detailed, technical explanation of the findings of the assessment along with steps and proofs of the findings.

Conclusion & Recommendations: This section provides final recommendations and summary of the issues found during the security assessment.


Service Delivery Time

The Public Discovery Testing service can be completed in two business days.

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