Course Brief

PCI DSS is one of the most technical security standards in vogue today. The requirements are extremely granular, and go to the extent of how specific configurations are to be applied on system and network components, including which ports, protocols and services may or may not be used. Knowledge of PCI DSS is useful not only for securing payment card data, but also towards building an enterprise security management program.

PCI mandates security maintenance activities such as quarterly VA, wireless scan, data discovery scans, bi-yearly firewall rule review, quarterly internal audit, annual risk assessment, etc. Understanding the intent of each requirement and its implementation can help in establishing a sound security management practice within any enterprise.


Course Contents

  • The Fundamentals of the Payment Card Industry

  • Introduction to PCI DSS

  • Requirement 1 – Firewalls

  • Requirement 2 – Secure Device Configurations

  • Requirement 3 – Protecting Stored Cardholder data

  • Requirement 4 – Protecting Transmitted Cardholder data

  • Requirement 5 – Malware

  • Requirement 6 – Secure System Development Practices

  • Requirement 7 – Need to Know

  • Requirement 8 –Accountability

  • Requirement 9 – Physical Security

  • Requirement 10 –Log Management

  • Requirement 11 –Testing

  • Requirement12 –Risk Assessment, Policies & Procedures, Incident Management

  • Case Study & Hands-On Workshop

Target Audience

  • Security professionals who seek to implement, maintain and monitor a PCI DSS compliance program in their organization

  • Professionals who work with credit and debit card data and seek to understand their secure management

  • Software developers who seek to learn about secure coding principles


  • The course is delivered On-Premise

  • The course will last 2 days  

Minimum Attendance

A minimum of 3 participants are required for the training.


A pre-reading of the PCI DSS standard will help the trainee quickly grasp the concepts discussed during the training.

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