Nexthink are committed to “change your perspective” and to transform your IT services, operations and support, making IT departments more efficient and effective and their business end-user’s IT experience dramatically better. Our employees, partners and customers are all Nexthinkers.

Let a Nexthinker help you reduce incidents by 35%, close issues 60% faster, improve the level of security and compliance where you need it most, avoid costly mistakes on your IT projects and missions, save 20% monitoring your transformation projects, and improve business end-user productivity by as much as 10%.

To meet modern and dynamic enterprise requirements, IT teams must have the ability to not only quickly resolve call-center incidents, but to also proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Nexthink Act combines powerful custom data retrieval and remediation capabilities to deliver dramatic results in the area of compliance and incident management. IT Teams see the number of incidents decline dramatically, while end users benefit from an optimized digital workplace where they are their most productive.

Nexthink Act helps organizations improve the efficiency of their support team by enabling them to retrieve case-specific data in less than ten seconds, and enabling less specialized staff to solve problems they normally couldn’t. Nexthink Act also helps organizations to shift to a proactive approach by empowering users to solve problems by themselves. With our fully automated resolution capability, devices can maintain their desired state with minimal intervention.






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